Tampa Sailing Squadron

Apollo Beach, Florida


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Come explore this unique sailing club located on Apollo Beach Blvd. (by land) and Bal Harbor (by sea). No pool, no restaurant, just a great group of sailors enjoying a beautiful setting on Tampa Bay. Our members include salty dogs and novice sailors alike. What makes this club so special is the active involvement of all members in cruising, racing and "just messing around in boats."

The activities available are endless. Here are just a few:
►  Join a racing crew
►  Attend a seminar
►  Chat with a fellow sailor
►  Go to a party
►  Participate in Women's or Youth Sailing programs
►  Take out a club Sunfish
►  Go on a cruise










Facilities include:


  Wet and dry slips*

  Boat ramp

  Sailboats to borrow

  Boat Hoist

  Haul out railway


There's more, but the most valuable part of membership is spending time with the other members.

If you are:

Interested in being part of an active and friendly group of sailors…

A sailor (or wish you were)…

A boat owner (or not!)… Come join the fun!

Gates open to guests on Saturday. 



Tampa Sailing Squadron,

Apollo Beach, Florida, is…


Regattas on the Bay


          Sunset on the screened porch


Cruising near and far together


Learning to sail, whether you are 7 or 70


Camaraderie with other sailors


Working together on projects


                   Women’s Sailing


Youth Sailing and Sea Scouts


                                                Sunfish to use


                             Programs and parties


                   Wet and Dry Slips*


Tampa Bay's best sailing club!


If you’re a sailor (with or without your own boat) or would like to be, this is a wonderful opportunity to join a very active and unique sailing community.


Gates open to guests on Saturday. 


Please Note: Membership is through sponsorship only but guests are welcome at TSS events. It's easy to meet sponsors through participation. Continuing active participation is required of all members.            


* There is a waiting list for boat slips.




The mission of the Squadron is to promote and facilitate sailing and related activities.  Our squadron is dedicated to carrying out this mission through reliance on our individual members’ talents and efforts whenever possible.  Because of our members’ willingness to give generously of their time, TSS has prospered and grown in spite of a modest fee structure.  The Squadron intends to continue the direction that is the basis of today’s success: a wide variety of sailing activities, outstanding facilities, planned growth, and “hands-on” membership participation.


Our members’ deep commitment to work for the common good of the Squadron is the essence and strength of this organization.  This involvement takes many forms and all are encouraged.  Members support Squadron racing and cruising activities.  A few serve in elected or appointed posts and are actively involved in Squadron planning.  Many others participate in meetings, work parties, web page maintenance and construction projects.


Our members are justifiably proud to be part of the Tampa Sailing Squadron, both for what has been accomplished and for what the future promises.






What’s Tampa Sailing Squadron about? 


As our Bylaws state:   “The object of the Squadron shall be to conduct and operate boat regattas of all kinds upon the waters of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean; to promote the interest of members of the Squadron in boating, sailing, and yachting generally...” 


Where is TSS? 


1250 Apollo Beach Blvd., Apollo Beach, FL


When are the membership meetings?  Are they open? 


Membership meetings are open to prospective members.  Usually, they are held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of the month.  However, if there is a recognized holiday, the meeting may, at the discretion of the COMMODORE, be canceled or moved to another day.


What are the membership dues and initiation fee? 


The initiation fee is $400.00 and the membership dues are $120.00.    


Who is eligible to be member?


Any person of good moral character and financial responsibility interested in sailing and the furtherance of Tampa Sailing Squadron is eligible for membership.  No person shall be excluded from consideration for membership on the ground of race, color, sex, religious creed, or national origin.


What are the benefits of membership? 


The regular Member and that member’s spouse have the use of the TSS facilities, subject to all rules and regulations. Family members are guests of the regular Member.


Either a regular member or that regular member's spouse is entitled to hold office and to cast one vote.  A regular member is construed as the individual who signs the original membership application.



How do I apply for membership?


Obtain an application form from the Membership Committee Director.  Your completed application must be signed by two sponsors in good standing.  Your application must include a check for the initiation fee in the amount of $428.00 ($400 plus $28.00 tax).  The initiation fee is non-refundable.  The completed application, with the check, is submitted to the TSS Secretary.


What is a sponsor and how do I find two sponsors?


A sponsor is a member who wishes to bring a prospective new member (“person sponsored”) into the Club. The sponsor shall:

    A.  Explain the mission of TSS and the expectations of the membership to the person sponsored

    B.  Be on TSS property when the person sponsored is there

    C.  Report to the Membership Committee on the club functions attended by the person sponsored and keep written records to document the activities of the person sponsored.

Since there are two sponsors required, the duties will be shared as agreed to by the sponsors and approved by the Membership Committee. 


The best way to find sponsors is to attend membership meetings and introduce yourself! 


What is the probationary membership process?


The first step takes 3 months or more.  The Membership Committee interviews the sponsors.  The sponsors introduce the applicant to the general membership at the membership meetings.  The applicant attends club functions with a sponsor for a minimum of 3 months and records those activities on an Activity Record.  The Membership Committee interviews the applicant and reviews the Activity Record.  Then, the Membership Committee submits the application to the Board for a vote on Probationary Membership. 

If the applicant is approved, the Board will direct the Treasurer to invoice the Probationary Member for the applicable dues during the probationary period.


Probationary Member: A person applying for regular membership who has completed the membership application and has not yet completed the membership process. A Probationary Member cannot use or be on a waiting list to use club facilities that generate income, such as the Rail, Dock and Slips.






The next step also takes three months or more.  The Probationary Member continues to attend functions with a sponsor and records those activities on a Probationary Activity Record (“PAR”).  After a minimum of 3 months, the applicant will submit his/her PAR to the Membership Director along with the request for Regular Membership, signed by both sponsors.  The Membership Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.  The application must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Directors present at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.  Upon approval, the Board will direct the Treasurer to invoice the new regular Member for the balance of the year’s dues. Annual dues must be paid in full before the Probationary Member becomes a regular Member.


What does TSS expect of its members? 


All of our members are encouraged to attend membership meetings and club functions, such as work parties, socials, cruises and races. 


In addition to compliance with our Rules and Regulations, slipholders are expected to attend a minimum of two membership meetings per calendar year and render service to the Squadron each calendar year.    Opportunities for service include the following:  Officer, Board of Directors, chair or member of a Standing Committee, chair or member of a Special Committee, work parties, Race Committee, Youth Sailing, sponsor club cruise, sponsor potluck dinner, write newsletter article, assist with special event, assist with squadron regatta, other service as approved by the Board of Directors or Dockmaster.